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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alpha Male Games: Super Spy Hunter

Look at this blog.  Back to me. Spy Hunter. Back to me now. 

I think the reason I'm so awesome is because I played alot of Vidya games where the main protagonist was a total badass, with plenty of chicks, cool cars, and amazing hair...I mean swagger.  Just look at how cool the Dude from Spy Hunter is.  I bet he doesn't afraid of anything. 

Offspring of The Fonz and David Hasselhoff?
Between his perfectly conditioned hair, and awesome Ferrari-esque car, I would be proud to let this dude date my sister.  What's funnier though, is that chick looks alot more homely than he does, WTF women?  Random Motorcycle.  Anyway, here's a sweet speed run video of Super Spy Hunter, which is alot more impressive than the Contra one I posted a few days ago.  Next time you're out at a club, drinking your Midori sour alone, and a hot girl makes eye contact with you just think:  WWSH do?  Pwn a freakin' helicopter with his sick ride, that's what he'd do.