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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garfield Games: Why do you exist?

Thankfully, my parents have never "caught me in the act"...and why is he so happy about it?

How many of you as a kid were really into Garfield?  ok...How many of you were into Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Batman, Power Rangers, Transformers, Disney Stuff, or even Barney?  That's what I thought.  Some characters manage to spawn a franchise title on just about every system, and the Garfield games that have come out over the years continue to baffle me.  Is there really a market for these games?  Do they really sell enough copies to warrant sequel after sequel on each generation of systems?  I know there's a niche market for certain games and characters, but I don't really see any hipsters telling me they were into Garfield before I was and I've probably never heard of him.  No, I've heard of him, and he's frankly, kind of stupid. 

I've put alot of thought into the mindset of software distributors and why they release these types of games(yes, I'm really that bored).  There's loads of articles out there if you're really curious as to why companies continually release what's known in the industry as "shovelware" it's profitable, but most agree it hurts the console or platform in the long run.  I kinda think shovelware is neat to collect, as it's different, quirky, and responsible for my favorite game of all time...

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