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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Retro Gaming for cheap: The FC Twin

Hot Pac-on-Pac action
My first hardware review, gonna make this a regular Saturday ordeal.  Have you ever tried to pick up an original NES system, signed over your house as collateral for the price, then got home only to find out the stupid thing doesn't work half the time unless you blow on the cartridges or hit it with a blunt object?  Here's your answer right here ladies, the FC Twin system.

The FC Twin is what's called a "Famiclone", It's a clone of the original NES/Famicom system that was made in Japan (bet you think you're smart now).  The backstory is basically Nintendo's licensing has expired on these older system's hardware, so anyone can make them now.  The benefit to you, the consumer is a much better, and cheaper piece of equipment that's easilly available to be ordered online, go here.  I've purchased from The manufacturers Yobo Gameware before and they're cool guys, I'd recommend them over the other Famiclones circulating around.  The FC Twin is a great system, Is compatible with MOST NES and SNES games(sorry no Battletoads lol) and even Famicom games without a mod. Sounds like a winrar to me.

Now that you've saved all that money by not buying an old SNES and NES separately, you can spend it on this bad boy:

Oh yeah