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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another update, go check this out

Mr. Insanium is giving away some awesome nerdy stuff, like the #1 issue of Alien Vs. Predator, go check his blog out.

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Sequels, and why they suck: Snake's Revenge

 Back in action bro's!  Regular updates coming again after this date.  Looks like I am going to start making this blog thing a full time (second) job for me!

I'm a big fan of the Metal Gear series of games, and I love Metal Gear for the NES, and Playstation.  This however is a little known game released for the NES system in 1990.  What alot of people love about the Metal Gear games is designer Hideo Kojima's masterful game play, and storyline.  This However is not that game.  it was developed without his knowledge and oversight, thus resulting in a dumbed down version of the original.  What else can I say so here's a quote lifted directly from the man himself: "Snake's Revenge was a "little crap game."  When the guy responsible for the rest of the games in this amazingly successful franchise says this, you know it sucks.

Early example of "shovelware"

I need ideas for games to review so any suggestions in the comments please!