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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second update today: MADDEN!

Here's a little flashback for anyone watching NFL Wildcard weekend tonight, remember when you had throw passes to little dwarfs and listen to John Madden's voice tell you how bad you suck in all it's 16-bit glory?

Is dat some Turbo Grafx 16?

Oh yes, we're talking about one of the rarest, most sought after 16-bit games of all time: Devil's Castle Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, or Just Castlevania X.  A great game released by Konami for the PC Engine gaming system(Turbo Grafx in the USA).  This is one of the most under appreciated titles that came out in this era.  It's a huge game with tons of levels and lots of powerups and big, colorful bosses.  I've always enjoyed the Castlevania series because of the style associated with them and horror theme.  Dracula decides to reincarnate every year and every time some effeminate whip-wielding "Magick" user has to put him down again. Did I mention this game features SKELETONS?