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Monday, January 10, 2011

Space Invaders and Galaga

This is why I loved the 16 bit era.  Taking two classic (in every sense of the word) titles that were originally available on the Atari and Colecovision systems(not to mention huge hits in arcades) and adding just a few small updates and better graphics gave them a whole new life for a new generation.

First up is Space Invaders '90.  Great remake of the timeless gametype where play as a little ship desperately trying to fight off hordes of space prawns.  The best thing about this update to a classic is the weapon powerups, It adds a whole new dynamic to an already winning formula. I like to imagine myself as Will Smith circa ID4 playing this game.

Next up is my personal favorite, Galaga 90'  Everyone knows what makes the Galaga games great is the ability to let the aliens steal your ship, then get it back and have double the power.  Galaga 90' however, allowed you to get your ship stolen 3 times instead of the standard once

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