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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pointless but cool: Panasonic Gamecube

Just something neat that I've always wanted to get my hands on.  This is a Panasonic Gamecube, or basically a Gamecube that could play regular DVD's.  IMO, this is something that should have came standard with all GC's, but unfortunately was never released in the US, only Japan as far as I know.  I love obscure hardware, and this is one of the coolest looking, even though I'm not a fan of Nintendo products in general.  Note the awesome digital display screen, and blue LED lights.  It puzzles me that something like this wasn't made available to the US market, perhaps to preserve Nintendo's carebear kiddy image, or maybe they didn't want to up the price on the system because I remember one of Nintendo's selling points is always that thier stuff(crap usually) is cheaper than Microsoft and Sony.  What I like about this system so much is it looks less like a toy, and more like a Gaming machine that could turn into a Transformer and kick your ass.  Anyway, if anyone is lucky enough to own one of these, feel free to share your opinions on it.