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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Check out my Dubz: 007 Goldeneye

So I was inspired by alot of the bloggers here who are so knowledgeable about one particular subject.  Two that immediately come to mind are The Watch dude, and This guy and his Scotch.  When I think of cool watches, and high class liqueur, only one guy comes to mind, James F***ing Bond ya'll!  So today I will be talking about the best iteration of the Bond Franchise, Goldeneye 007, for the Nintendo 64.

B*tches don't know about my Q watch

This game is significant in many ways.  Say what you want about Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and any one of Nintendo's rehashed flagship series, but Goldeneye put the N64 on the map, and offered a legitimate reason  to buy the system for anyone who was older than 12.  This game does everything right, a long, fun and challenging single player campaign full of immersion, outstanding control system(Many thought the N64 couldn't handle an FPS because of the controller setup)The graphics were superb for the time too, and really made 3 dimensional games viable.

But let's be cereal for a sec, nobody played this for the single player, you played it to own your friends in the phenomenal multiplayer experience.  For me personally, this game defined what multiplayer could, and is continuing to be on the console platform.  It wasn't particularly innovating anything, just streamlining and improving on a formula that had been successful on the PC for a generation.  For years, PC games enjoyed a monopoly on fun deathmatch style multiplayer games, but when 007 came along, he turned on that British charm, and seduced us all with his unique, and stylish game.  I'd hit it.

Yes, I own a yellow controller, and I like women, don't hate