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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Retro Game Guide Part 1: Becoming a Collector

Disregard Princesses, Acquire Coins

So you want to start collecting classic games huh?  Slow down there sparky, we have alot of work to do!     It takes time, and effort.  I've been hunting down rare gems at flea markets and my local game stores for years.  The great thing is, video games have taken a few steps up on the geek ladder in the past decade, so considering this as a hobby(obsession) will not make you as much as a mouth-breathing social outcast as you might think.  Don't expect to be swimming in girl Lake though, when you start rambling on about how "revolutionary" the gameplay was in Gunstar Heroes. 

Step 1: Research

Know what you're looking for, and know what you're getting yourself into.  One of my first recommendations is to start searching for games on Ebay, get an idea of where the market stands.  Pick up a gaming guide like Digital Press as well.  These will become invaluable tools in your search for meaningless nostalgia.  Researching what games are worth  isn't about making money though, it's about knowing owning something of artificial value.  Sure, you could potentially sell that mint, non-Greatest Hits Copy of Final Fantasy 7 to pay for you and your Girlfriend(Hand) to have a nice dinner, but then that would just make you a normal person.  Being a Retro Game collector isn't about being normal, it's about KNOWING you are better than the keystone-light chugging Bro masses who buy up the latest Copy of Madden and Call of Duty every year.

"If only Squaresoft could make me a real woman sigh..."

 Part 2 tomorrow!