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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Retro Game Guide Part 1: Becoming a Collector

Disregard Princesses, Acquire Coins

So you want to start collecting classic games huh?  Slow down there sparky, we have alot of work to do!     It takes time, and effort.  I've been hunting down rare gems at flea markets and my local game stores for years.  The great thing is, video games have taken a few steps up on the geek ladder in the past decade, so considering this as a hobby(obsession) will not make you as much as a mouth-breathing social outcast as you might think.  Don't expect to be swimming in girl Lake though, when you start rambling on about how "revolutionary" the gameplay was in Gunstar Heroes. 

Step 1: Research

Know what you're looking for, and know what you're getting yourself into.  One of my first recommendations is to start searching for games on Ebay, get an idea of where the market stands.  Pick up a gaming guide like Digital Press as well.  These will become invaluable tools in your search for meaningless nostalgia.  Researching what games are worth  isn't about making money though, it's about knowing owning something of artificial value.  Sure, you could potentially sell that mint, non-Greatest Hits Copy of Final Fantasy 7 to pay for you and your Girlfriend(Hand) to have a nice dinner, but then that would just make you a normal person.  Being a Retro Game collector isn't about being normal, it's about KNOWING you are better than the keystone-light chugging Bro masses who buy up the latest Copy of Madden and Call of Duty every year.

"If only Squaresoft could make me a real woman sigh..."

 Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. excellent guide lol
    i wonder if my Nintendo 64 counts

  2. I guess I am spoiled in this regard. If I want classic games all I have to do is find where the hell I put my Atari 2600, and Intelevision.

  3. how the hell did you get my old dating video??

  4. I went through this phase, and then I bought every game I could afford on steam and decided my kid will grow up with newer games.

  5. I don't even think I was born when 16 bit was around

  6. Can you give me directions to Vagina Lake?

  7. Great guide lol, great dating video

  8. I'll shave my balls that should keep them safer from her braces.

  9. All I know is that it was fucking stupid of me to sell my nintendo games when I was a kid. Ah nostalgia, I miss being a kid.

  10. Hey Isaac! I'm there. Way into your thing. Oy.

  11. Nice guide, I'll probably be using it.

    Don't forget to check and support often your local information hot-spot!

  12. I hate sport games that release a new copy every year as well. I also hate how games like Call of Duty and Halo are considered the best games ever in the eyes of the public.

  13. Very nice guide! looking forward to part two :)

    I myself am partially a collector, got some nice stuff :)

  14. Heh. I couldn't do this, just not my personality, but hey we all have our aspirations I guess. :P

  15. Every time I read your blog it makes me want to go back to simpler time of video games. Loving each post, keep em coming buddy!

  16. Lol nice blog, makes me wish I still had my commadore 64 and my 200+ games

  17. interesting tips man, thanks! although i must say, it makes me sad every time i see that picture you have of that one nerd... ;_;

    anyways, here's my blog if anyone's interested, just random posts on things i find interesting: feedback's appreciated :)

  18. old school games are awesome. it seems like so many of the new games coming out are just trash

  19. lol at your quality translations :P

  20. looking forward to ze sequel brah :P

  21. great post, looking forward to pt2

  22. Collecting old games is an awesome hobby, brings back great memories

  23. Oh man, I can't wait till part two.

  24. awesome man
    cant wait for other parts

  25. I got me a plug in controller with 80 16-bit games which are badass! great post dude. can't wait for part 2.

  26. good advice, thanks man; that guys profile......must be a chick magnet!

  27. people should be indeed very careful when buying stuff from the internet!

  28. 'loves fruity tastes' --- well thats open to a bit of interpretation lol

  29. haha, not my kinda collection, will def. be back for part 2 tomorrow tho!

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  31. Cool post - I still remember my old 8-bit BBC model B with fond memories... where you had to type in your own games from magazines


  32. great guide however i dont wanna end up liek the picture haha

  33. There is still a time capsule shoe box buried in the back yard of the house I grew up in that has Atari frogger and defender games in it from our 2600. My brother and I buried them and then told our mom one of our friends must have stole them so she went out and bought new ones and questioned all our friends lol.

  34. I'm thinking of selling my N64. This information is already making me think about how to price it. T. Hanks.

  35. I played super smash bros yesterday and thought of this blog. Eagerly awaiting the next part to this entry!

  36. hahah i loled at the second picture

  37. Man, I guess I should lie more next time I'm trying to sell some NES games.

  38. LOL nice comment about swimming in Vagina Lake. Im an engineering student so I know where you are coming from. Following!

  39. Hey now, what's there to hate about Keystone Light?

    Oh yeah, that's right, everything.

  40. I lol'ed at Hobbies = relaxing around.

  41. Not quite sure what happened to your other posts but I never had a chance to comment on them. If Google is pushing you around because of your content, push back. I really like your blog and do not want to see it fade away like so many others.