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Thursday, March 10, 2011

8-Bit Arnold: The Trilogy

A bit if a belated celebration, but I'd just like to commemorate my former governor and favorite action hero by remembering him in all of his lame, 8-bit glory.  Here's to you Arnold Schwarzenegger, thanks for your years of public service, and  keeping the bar firmly set in in place for a long line of ineffective California governors!

I love the "derp" look on his face here
He looks more like Mel Gibson here, minus the anti-Semitic rage
Arnold was the first politician that I ever voted for, mainly because I thought he was going to kick some ass, and take names.  Then take those names, hunt down their families and make a necklace out of their ears.  However, most of his terms were spent being generally handicapped by a horribly liberal state legislature.  Which is hilarious because Arnold is one of the most liberal "Republicans" of all time.  He married a Kennedy for crying out loud.

My favorite part of his term was when he made the tuition fees for community colleges go up about 1000%.  I, like most slackers and underachievers didn't really give a crap about my grades in High school.  So when I turned 21, and decided maybe I should get my act together, I was met by tuition fees that required me to sell a kidney.  Guess I didn't make it to the choppa' :(

Please, don't come back jerk