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Friday, March 25, 2011

My rant about blogging

Hey followers, sorry I haven't been able to make many posts lately.  This has to do with many factors, one of which is the MMO game "Rift" which, if you notice my twitter feed on the right is a great game which I have been spending alot of time with.
The other reason is that blogging has become quite a chore for me.  As you get more followers, diminishing returns start to hit you hard.  Making my blogging rounds would take anywhere from 4-5 hours out of my day.  This is sort of ridiculous when you factor in having a job, and a life.  I couldn't even make a post everyday, because of the way the system works, the more people who visit and support you, the more likely you are to get booted off here.  I won't even get into the amount of followers and views I receive per day, relative to how many people actually comment on my posts.  Anyway, TL;DR blogging is alot of work for not much reward.  Most of the people who I enjoyed reading have quit or disappeared suddenly.

I guess it's just me being a whiner though, because when it comes down to it, I do enjoy writing and hopefully making one or two of you laugh a little with my posts, which is why I will try to get back into making regular updates after today.  <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why do I have two copies of "Crue Ball" ?

"Crue Ball"

I was going through my game collection today and noticed something strange.  Sometime in my life, between binge drinking, and failing High School, I decided it was important to purchase two copies of the Genesis game "Crue Ball".  "Crue Ball" is a pinball game based off 80's hair metal band Motley Crue.  Yes, Electronic Arts apparently felt that Motley Crue was so badass that they needed a pinball game, because what could be more metal than a...wait for it...PINBALL!

The good news is I'm not the first person to get something that came from Tommy Lee, the bad news is what am I going to do with two copies of "Crue Ball"?  I'm pretty sure putting "Crue Ball" in quotation marks is not even grammatically correct but I sure like doing it.  "Crue Ball".

Thursday, March 10, 2011

8-Bit Arnold: The Trilogy

A bit if a belated celebration, but I'd just like to commemorate my former governor and favorite action hero by remembering him in all of his lame, 8-bit glory.  Here's to you Arnold Schwarzenegger, thanks for your years of public service, and  keeping the bar firmly set in in place for a long line of ineffective California governors!

I love the "derp" look on his face here
He looks more like Mel Gibson here, minus the anti-Semitic rage
Arnold was the first politician that I ever voted for, mainly because I thought he was going to kick some ass, and take names.  Then take those names, hunt down their families and make a necklace out of their ears.  However, most of his terms were spent being generally handicapped by a horribly liberal state legislature.  Which is hilarious because Arnold is one of the most liberal "Republicans" of all time.  He married a Kennedy for crying out loud.

My favorite part of his term was when he made the tuition fees for community colleges go up about 1000%.  I, like most slackers and underachievers didn't really give a crap about my grades in High school.  So when I turned 21, and decided maybe I should get my act together, I was met by tuition fees that required me to sell a kidney.  Guess I didn't make it to the choppa' :(

Please, don't come back jerk

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alpha Male Games: Super Spy Hunter

Look at this blog.  Back to me. Spy Hunter. Back to me now. 

I think the reason I'm so awesome is because I played alot of Vidya games where the main protagonist was a total badass, with plenty of chicks, cool cars, and amazing hair...I mean swagger.  Just look at how cool the Dude from Spy Hunter is.  I bet he doesn't afraid of anything. 

Offspring of The Fonz and David Hasselhoff?
Between his perfectly conditioned hair, and awesome Ferrari-esque car, I would be proud to let this dude date my sister.  What's funnier though, is that chick looks alot more homely than he does, WTF women?  Random Motorcycle.  Anyway, here's a sweet speed run video of Super Spy Hunter, which is alot more impressive than the Contra one I posted a few days ago.  Next time you're out at a club, drinking your Midori sour alone, and a hot girl makes eye contact with you just think:  WWSH do?  Pwn a freakin' helicopter with his sick ride, that's what he'd do.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bugs bugging bugs

My uncle has a restored Galaga machine I used to play alot as a kid.  He once showed me this trick that makes all of the bugs stop shooting at you for the entirety of the game(heh).  Of course with the advent of the Internet everyone knows about this so I can't go to arcades and impress chicks with this anymore.  Of course, being an adult now, trying to impress Jr. High school chicks at an arcade in the suburbs is kind of creepy so everything turned out better than expected.  I will say though, that I actually did show a girl this once when I was a kid and she thought I was the coolest guy ever, so the success rate of this pickup move is 100% in my book.  Enjoy your Friday night, fellow bloggers!